IAB: Social media still has a lot of growing up to do

Social media still has a lot of growing up to do, say marketers from both agencies and client-side, of which 3 in 10 say they do not believe social media yet has an important role in the overall marketing function….

….The survey found that, currently, less than half (43%) of social campaigns were integrated into the wider marketing function and more than half of brands never measure social media ROI. Agencies, on the other hand were more likely to measure social ROI with 35% claiming to do so some of the time…..

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Study: Forget campaigns, get personal with Millennials

Have a great product for Millennial consumers? Forget the all-out television, radio, print and online campaigns. According to new data out from SDL the best way to reach and engage Millennials is to get personal and build a relationship. Read more »

Affluent social media users loyal, not seeking discounts

Wealthy social media users aren’t following brands to get discounts and coupons. A new survey from The Affluence Collaborative found those who pull in serious salaries follow a brand on social media because they like it.

However, The Affluent Collaborative‘s survey, reported by eMarketer titled  Why Do Affluent Consumers Connect with Brands on Social Networks found that those earning higher salaries, over $200k a year or more, are more likely to follow a brand  on social media out of loyalty – a compliment to those brands.

Less than a third (29%) of those earning $500k or more followed a brand for deals and discounts instead citing “I love the brand and want to follow it” (52.%) as their main motivator...Read More


Source: Biz Report | Helen Leggatt

Facebook Insights Gets Real-Time Anaytics

Facebook has released extensive updates to its Insights tool, which provides publishers who use Facebook plugins with analytics on how content is performing. Now they can see those analytics in real time

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Social Media Measurement & Analysis Social Media Measurement & Analysis


We’ve started by putting together a downloadable ebook – adapted from our Director of Community Amber Naslund’s blog series – to help you dive into the practice of social media measurement.


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