Fiksu: 21% rise in cost to acquire new loyal mobile app user

The number of new mobile devices being used at the end of last year, both Android and iOS, resulted in millions of new downloads in December. Christmas Day 2012 saw a record 17.4 million iOS and Android device activations, two and a half times more than Christmas Day 2011. That, in turn, has pushed up the cost to acquire a new loyal user*, found Fiksu.

The firm’s index, which tracks this cost, shows a 21% rise in December, 2012, up 29 cents, bringing the acquisition cost to $1.67 up from $1.38 in November, 2012. Read more…

Source: BizReport | Helen Leggatt

Hot or Not: E-mail Marketing vs. Social-Media Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, video didn’t kill the radio star, YouTube didn’t knock off TV and Twitter didn’t shut down blogging. However, in each case the steady advance of new technology definitely forced the incumbents to evolve…. “According to an eConsultancy study of 1,400 U.S. consumers, 42% said they prefer to receive ads for sales and specials via e-mail compared to just 3% who said the same for social-networking sites and 1% who preferred Twitter Read More…..

Source: Steve Rubel | Ad Age