Gmail Tabs: Early Analyses

Gmail’s recent switch to a promotions tab has generated a fair amount of buzz. Some researchers have taken an early look at what the changes have meant for email marketers, suggesting that they shouldn’t worry too much for now. Open rates may have been negatively affected (depending on the research), but value per open may turn out to increase, at least according to one source. Following are two perspectives on the change.

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Source: Marketing Charts

Bime: Students taking over Google+

Reports have been following the number of people signing up to Google+, but who are they and what do they do for a living? Data analysis company Bime has released an infographic illustrating a snapshot of who is using the social network today.

At the start of August Bime put out an infographic illustrating who was using Google+ during July. Back then it showed more males than females using the social network (72% vs. 28%) and the top three occupations were engineer, developer and designer followed by software engineer and web developer.

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Source: Helen Leggatt

Google unlocks more than 60 consumer apps for business customers

Google is taking one of its biggest steps to showcase the power of a trend known as the “consumerization of IT.”

Today, the company will begin unlocking more than 60 applications for its Google Apps customers. These apps, however, aren’t new. They are the same ones that consumers with Google accounts have been using for years – apps like Google Voice, Blogger, Picasa and Google Reader.

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Source: ZD Net | By Sam Diaz