Survey indicates slow decline in personal blogs as bloggers become more client-focused

A survey by Orbit Media Studios has found that blogging is moving away from being a hobby and becoming more of a profession as more bloggers write for clients rather than themselves.survey of more than 1,000 bloggers seems to indicate a slow decline in personal blogs. Instead, bloggers are now more client-focused and some are now spending longer – up to six hours – writing one post which is generally longer (c. 1,500 words) and more comprehensive.

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TV ‘less and less relevant’, says Bacardi marketing boss as brand trials programmatic


Bacardi is set to distance itself from TV-led advertising with the drinks firms suggested some of its brands may shift their entire budget to social and digital marketing as it looks to target the younger market.

Global chief marketing office Dima Ivanov refused to completely rule out further TV advertising but said he “sits in the camp” of those who believe the medium has had its day.

“I would agree with that [that TV has become less relevant] and it is proven by the fact how much time the younger generation spend watching any TV program,” he told Mumbrella. Read More….

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Spruce Media On The State Of Facebook Advertising In The Fourth Quarter Of 2012

Facebook’s fourth-quarter earnings call is set for Jan. 30, but Facebook advertising solutions provider Spruce Media offered its early look at the state of advertising on the social network during the last three months of 2012, and the company was optimistic that the sector will continue to grow. Read More…

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Facebook has some very odd, inconsistent rules when filtering email, and unlike other mail server systems, it doesn’t seem to return any messages when things do or don’t bounce. Our advice for email marketers? For now, if someone tries to subscribe to your email list using a address, ask them for a second address just in case it doesn’t get through. Facebook’s rules seem inconsistent and there’s no way to tell whether or not your email was delivered or silently redirected into the ether.

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Twitter plans to launch an advertising platform in about a month

frontpage-birdSource: MediaPost News  Twitter Ad Platform ‘Imminent’ by Laurie Sullivan

Twitter plans to launch an advertising platform in about a month…

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