Brand Advocates Choose Email Over Social For Referrals

SocialTwist has released the results of a study that spanned 18 months, 119 social marketing campaigns, and 3.2 million participating consumers. Designed to see how consumers interacted with its social referral program and progressed to becoming advocates, the SocialTwist study unearths a few interesting results with potentially broad implications. Perhaps the most interesting of those is that among the consumers who became advocates (by referring products or services to friends), a majority 55.4% chose to use email as their sharing channel, with Facebook following (41.8%) and Twitter (2.6%) mostly ignored. Read More

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BrightEdge: Twitter users share more often

Social networking is hot with nearly every demographic, pushing more brands into the social space each day. But new research finds that, although Facebook may be the most-visited social network, another socnet’s users are sharing links, buzz and branded information more often

First, the social networking details. According to Pew Research 65% of online adults in the US are active on social networking sites, with women forging the biggest social networking path. Younger consumers (under age 30) are also heavy socnetters, with 69% of younger females using social networks daily.

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Eight ways to manage negativity on Facebook Pages

Social Media allows consumers to be genuine with you about your product or service, how and when do you respond when you get slammed.  What’s your course of action….. read more Its not hard to spot a spammer or a troll, but do you delete them or humor them? Click Z wrote “Trolls are Inevitable; Here’s How to Deal With Them

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10 Steps to Finding the Influencers in Your Market

Why is an influencer strategy so important?

  1. It can help drive your social media execution.
  2. It can be a core part of your search engine optimization strategy.
  3. Ultimately, if done correctly, it will drive sales and position your organization as one of the leading experts in the field.

There is no right way to developing and cultivating relationships with the influencers in your industry, but here are 10 steps to get you started in the right direction.

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Social Media’s a Murky Area for Alcohol Marketing

The FTC and consumer watchdog groups are looking closely at how marketers of alcohol brands are having on Social Media. Unlike the general rule of TV, whereby 30 percent of the audience is under 21, social media is more challenging….

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Is Twitter a time-waste for brands?

Size does not always matter…..


Is it more important to have massive amounts of random followers or should Brands look at the value of influencers. A recent Forrester Research report found that Mass Influencers (MI) are the consumers that brands, authors and businesses need to court. The problem? MI’s are hard to find. Only about 16% of the total American online audience are considered Massive Influencer’s. To find these massively influential consumers, the Forrester report indicates that brands need to do a bit more monitoring of social networks and posts about their brand, they need to better segment consumers on their lists of followers and then they need to engage.  Read More….




How Twitter is Changing: A new study reveals Twitter’s new direction

Twitter reportedly attracted more than 100 million users in 2010. While it’s not quite the size of Facebook, which currently serves as the digital residence of 500 million users, it’s impact on media, culture and society is profound.  Compare the growth from 2009 to 2010 with the charts….Read More…

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