Cart abandonment rates lower for charities than other sectors

Charity websites have far lower rates of cart abandonment than those in other sectors, according to new research released by ecommerce platform provider Ve Interactive, along with higher rates of triggering transaction completion via email.

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Source: Biz Report

Brands: Why You Need Millennials

The Millennial demographic is quickly surpassing other demo’s on the most wanted chart –  not because Millennials have more money, but because they have another kind of power.not because Millennials have more money, but because they have another kind of power. They are self confident – they know how to move in a digital environment by nature and they are eager to express themselves.


Source: BizReport 4/1/15

Want Better Email Conversion Rates? Try These 7 Tips.

Email marketing can deliver tremendous results when it is done correctly. It is one of the most effective forms of online marketing — and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Are your email campaigns performing as well as they could be?

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Source: Entrepreneur March 19, 2015


US Email Open and Click Rates, by Hour Scheduled, in 2013


Mailer Mailer has released its latest annual “Email Marketing Metrics Report” analyzing data from almost 1.2 billion opt-in newsletters. While the topic of timing seems to often inspire debate as to its usefulness (and should always be based on an individual list’s performance), it’s certainly interesting to look at general trends based off a large sample.  Before getting to the results, a couple of quick notes on methodology: Read More…

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Gmail Tabs: Early Analyses

Gmail’s recent switch to a promotions tab has generated a fair amount of buzz. Some researchers have taken an early look at what the changes have meant for email marketers, suggesting that they shouldn’t worry too much for now. Open rates may have been negatively affected (depending on the research), but value per open may turn out to increase, at least according to one source. Following are two perspectives on the change.

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Brand Advocates Choose Email Over Social For Referrals

SocialTwist has released the results of a study that spanned 18 months, 119 social marketing campaigns, and 3.2 million participating consumers. Designed to see how consumers interacted with its social referral program and progressed to becoming advocates, the SocialTwist study unearths a few interesting results with potentially broad implications. Perhaps the most interesting of those is that among the consumers who became advocates (by referring products or services to friends), a majority 55.4% chose to use email as their sharing channel, with Facebook following (41.8%) and Twitter (2.6%) mostly ignored. Read More

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