Studies reveal consequences of ignoring consumers on social media

Recent studies have shown that consumers are turning to social media for their customer services requirements. Those companies or brands that don’t bother to answer queries or complaints on social channels risk turning away consumers for good as new studies from Sitel and Conversocial reveal.  Read More…

Source: Biz Report


How long does it usually take you to respond to a customer complaint made via a social channel?

Social customer service is alive and well, based on the results from this week’s poll, with 83% of respondents saying they answer customer complaints via social channels in less than six hours. At first these poll results surprised me –  83% under six hours was much higher than I expected. Though upon some reflection (realizing it is 2012), and how quickly negative customer feedback can spread across the web, (think United Breaks Guitars), these results actually sound appropriate and right in line with becoming a social business.
Source: Smart Blogs | Jeremy Victor

FTC to Provide Test of Industry Control of Online Marketing

In its forthcoming review of alcohol advertising self-regulation, the Federal Trade Commission will look at digital and social media for the first time. Ben Cooper believes that, in spite of the industry expanding its codes to cover these media, the review may shine a spotlight on an area of particular sensitivity for the alcohol sector. Read more…

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